May’s Mission Partner Spotlight 

Pray for Brian & Kelli O’Day at Pillar Church of Jacksonville:

Brian is the Executive Director of the Praetorian Project and Elder at Pillar Jacksonville

  • Pray for their family as the O’Day’s continue to shepherd their kids who are in various life stages (Elementary – Adult)
  • Praise for the Pillar Jax healthy sending and mentoring of Pillar Topsail.
  • Pray for the similar healthy sending and mentoring of the new church planting team for Pillar Havelock.
  • Pray for Brian that he would have wisdom and discernment as he leads the Praetorian Project in the effort to plant more churches.
Pray for Jonathan & Jennifer Davis at Pillar Church of Jacksonville:
  • Pray for Jonathan to continue leading his wife and kids spiritually and not neglect them while leading others.
  • Pray for the salvation of the Davis’ girls.  They love the church and reading the Bible, but have not repented and believed the gospel.
  • Pray for Cody and Kale (their sons) who are serving at Pillar Dumfries for a season.  Pray for much fruit in their ministry. 
Pray for Joshua and Brittany Brown at Pillar Church of Topsail:
  • Pray for Joshua as he transitions out of the military into full time church planter and the rhythms that produces.
  • Praise that the church is growing and God is continuing to add new members, salvation and baptisms.
  • Pray that the church will keep the main thing, the main thing – Knowing Jesus and making Him known. 
    – The Browns are praying for leaders and are seeking to train/ disciple ready leaders. They are praying that their church will practice neighboring well, and that their church would not be a turnover of people, but that the community would be impacted by the Gospel and Christ would call His chosen children to the family through Pillar Topsail.
  • Pray that the marriages in their church would be strengthened and for those who have had losses lately.
  • Pray as well for the Browns to remember their limitations, that they would pursue Christ intentionally for themselves. That they would not replace personal holiness with busyness. 
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