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March Mission Partner Spotlight

Pillar Church of San Diego – Daniel & Rachelle Carter, Gabe & Misty Martin, Luis & Christina Rivera, Micah & Natalie Kordik

  • Praise God that the Carter family is in a great season and enjoying life in San Diego.

  • Pray that the Carter family would have wisdom in giving themselves to the “best things” rather than just a bunch of “good things” in their schedule and time.

  • Pray that the Martins would be wise as they schedule big events for this year.

  • Pray that their kids will continue to stay healthy, own their faith, and do well in school.

  • Pray for Misty as she begins discipling other ladies in evangelism.

  • Pray that the congregation of Pillar San Diego would grow and own the mission of sharing Jesus in their own neighborhoods and workplaces.

  • Pray that God would bring about more evangelistic fruit at Pillar SD, as they work to see more conversions.

  • Pray for the elders at Pillar SD, that they would care and shepherd their church well through the deployment and training cycles unique to the military community.

SOMA Tokyo – Yoshito & Ami Noguchi, Jon & Arrie Cole

  • Pray for their two local gatherings to continue to grow in walking together with Jesus, and learning especially this year to love God’s Word daily!

  • Pray for the new believers in their communities to be rooted in the Gospel and their new identity in Christ through baptism this Spring.

  • Pray for their staff team dealing with several transitions (personnel changes, temporary returns to the US) and as they work this year to craft pathways towards discipleship, leadership, and missional community formation.

  • Pray for their families’ health and protection from the enemy amidst the ongoing spiritual battles.