Gospel to Okinawa

“Let the nations be glad, and sing for joy…”
— Psalm 67:4


Okinawa has a population of approximately 1.4 million. Less than 2% of Okinawans know Jesus. To break those numbers down, that means there are only 1-2 followers of Jesus for every 100 people on this island.

Data from the most recent government census suggests there are 268 churches here in Okinawa. Assuming gospel health & vitality, that’s one church for every 5,400 Okinawans. Simply, that’s not enough.

Believing we exist on this island as a local expression of God’s family of servant missionaries we are committed to praying, partnering, giving, serving, and working to see these numbers change. One missiologist has been quoted as saying: “Japan had it’s chance.” We reject this idea. Rather, we are convinced it is only dawn in the land of the rising sun. We anticipate watching as darkness is dispelled by the rising Son, and the people of Okinawa increasingly find themselves swept up into God’s growing family of rescued rebels here in Japan.

GTO 2 x 2022

Gospel to Okinawa (GTO 2 x 2022) is our family’s initiative to pray and work towards seeing two gospel-centered, church-planting churches planted by the year 2022. These churches will be planted by Okinawans, for the Okinawan people. We will do everything we can to resource, equip, and serve these plants.

Mission and Vision of GTO

The mission of Gospel to Okinawa is to spark church planting movement in Okinawa so that the island is saturated with the gospel. Our vision is Gospel-centered churches reaching every part of Okinawa.

Gospel to Okinawa’s role in church planting is that of a catalyzer. The following statements summarize our scope of work:

  • Facilitate training, coaching, assessment and resourcing of church planters and church planter candidates.
  • Cultivate interchurch collaboration on church planting initiatives.
  • Support the planting of new churches and renewal of existing churches.
  • Provide an onramp program to church planting in Okinawa.

GTO Staff

Church Planting Residency

Pillar Church of Okinawa is offering a church planting residency for applicants who desire to plant a church in Okinawa. The residency is intended to last 2-3 years. At the conclusion, the ideal candidate would transition to the role of church planting partner, staff member at Pillar Okinawa, or both, depending on the gifting of the candidate and the needs of the church at that time. Please use the links below to find out more and to apply. 

Church Planting Residency Description (English)

Church Planting Residency Application (English)

教会開拓の研修 – Church Planting Residency Description (Japanese)

教会開拓研修期間申請書 – Church Planting Residency Application (Japanese)

Connect with GTO

If you are interested in learning more about GTO, to find out how you can partner with us, or to pray for us more specifically, please contact us at [email protected]

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