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Missional Communities


Missional Communities (MC’s) are the primary means by which our church seeks to live as God’s family on mission in our neighborhoods. A Missional Community is a group of people who have been, and are being transformed by the gospel, who commit to living out God’s mission together by demonstrating and declaring the Gospel to each other and to those who don’t know Jesus. To clarify, a Missional Community is not PRIMARILY a small group, Bible study, support group, social activist group, or weekly meeting, but a group of rescued rebels who, in the Gospel, are transformed by God’s work for God’s work and live out a specific missional focus in their lives. A Missional Community is a family of servant missionaries.

Our hope is that every person who is committed to the Pillar Okinawa family and mission will be fully involved in a Missional Community.

While some of our missional communities are “full” and subsequently “closed” to new participants, you can view all open and closed missional communities listed here: MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES