Satomi Shirai

I was born and grew up in Hiroshima, Japan. I moved to San Diego to attend a community college to learn English and Business. About the time I graduated the college, I was saved to believe in Christ though the group called International Christian Fellowship in Escondido, California. I was going to continue my business education, but I decided to go to a bible college to study the Word and biblical counseling. I graduated in 2014. I received so much support and was blessed by Christian friends and pastor in San Diego who helped me through a difficult time of my life, especially when I needed to adjust back to living in Japan, which was not what I wanted or planned to do. However, I had the opportunity to grow in my relationship with God and my faith in Him because of this difficulty. I might not be able to go through it by myself, but I could go through it with the support of my friends. I would like to support and encourage people through God’s Word, especially women who get hurt or are in a difficult season. I am excited to see how God will use me for ministry to women and through serving as communications and cross-cultural engagement coordinator with Pillar Church of Okinawa!