Krystal Cerrillo

Hi there! By the grace of God I am able to be here in Okinawa, sharing a little about my story with you, friend! My experience of being embedded in the Military culture and lifestyle started early on, as my Dad was a Marine. We landed in Beaufort, SC where my family retired and it is there that I met my sweet husband, Ryan! We were married in 2016, but have spent six beautiful years together in total. Ryan joined the Marine Corps upon graduating High School. From that point on, in calling us to know Him deeper, The Lord has stretched us, pruned us, and sanctified us over many seasons. Some fruitful and some dry. I attended Winthrop University in South Carolina and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and moved here to join Ryan at our first duty station just three days later. At Winthrop, I was plugged in with Reformed University Fellowship, where I enjoyed community and tasted the sweetness of living in Christ’s freedom more and more in my understanding of Who He is and who I am to Him. I love coffee, opening up our home to have people over, spending time with our pup, and thrifting! I am presently pursuing my Master’s in Public Administration at Troy University so that I can one day work in a non-profit organization for Christ’s fame and renown. My God-given passion is service to others. I love working with children, and I find so much joy in just being around them! That is my heart. My hope is to be used by The Lord in however He wills for my life to glorify Him and love on His Church. I am excited to serve in Children’s Ministry and Church Administration with Pillar Church of Okinawa, not by my own merit or accord, but by the loving and sovereign grace of Christ.