Josh Copeland

Josh was born in 1979 in the great state of Mississippi, and enlisted in the Marine Corps in May 2000.  He served four years and deployed to Iraq before the end of his first enlistment. During that time, he met the love of his life, Ashleigh; they were married in 2005. He re-enlisted in the Marine Corps and is currently serving on active duty. They have two children, Gage and Maci.

In 2014, God led the Copeland family to Pillar Church of Jacksonville in North Carolina. They became members and served there for two years. Though operational commitments would keep him from home, Josh believes that God used those two years to unify his marriage, grow his affections for the Lord, and teach him how to lead, in love.  They received orders for Okinawa, Japan in 2016 and were eager to join another Pillar family on mission.

While being a member at Pillar Okinawa, Josh has had the opportunity to teach, lead Missional Communities and join the team of elders, where he believes God will continue to equip him for the work of leadership and service in furthering His kingdom.