Cathy Cooley

Military is all I know. I’m the granddaughter of a Marine, daughter of retired Air Force, sister to Army brothers, a USAF Veteran & wife & mother to Active Duty Air Force members. I grew up in Jacksonville, Arkansas, home to Little Rock Air Force Base. I married my high school sweetheart, LeBaron, and together we have 3 fabulous children that were homeschooled for several years. Larry, our oldest child graduated high school in 2017 and is now serving in Security Forces in the United States Air Force. Our middle son is Damon and our baby girl is Christina. We are also pet parents to two crazy boxers. This is our second time being in Okinawa and while everything almost looks the same, it is definitely a different assignment for us. Last time we were here, it was before social media existed, how did we even get around this island?

My mother passed away a year before this assignment to Okinawa, and my grief has felt unbearable at times. Christ has given me so much strength and comfort. He has also shown me how valuable and short life is. Coming here, I knew I wanted to serve God and I pray my words, my actions, and my heart is humble towards his people. I did not know Jesus as a child however, I wanted to know God. Growing up in the country, you get a lot of time to just sit and stare at the sky and wonder about something bigger.  However, my idea of who God was was made up with my own selfish thoughts; my own ideas, but not actual scripture. On our assignment to England, it was when I finally understood the gospel and was saved. I thank God for saving me from such an un-repented and broken life. I want people to know that Jesus is a loving and merciful savior and my passion is to continue to grow and know him. I not only want my words to share his truth, but I want my life to live that truth. It is a constant and intentional effort to recognize sin and repent daily! My desire is to encourage women to commit to one another by sharing their lives; their stories, and support, pray for, and encourage each other through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need that love and accountability towards each other.  “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11