Jonathan Ransom

<p>Jonathan and Linnea were married in 2004. God has blessed them with three children, Emma, Johnny, and Owen. In February of 2013 Jon and his family moved to Jacksonville, NC, to join the team working together to plant Pillar Church of Jacksonville. One year later Pillar Jacksonville sent the Ransoms... </p>

Grant Ellis

<p>Grant is married to his high school sweetheart Lorna. In high school Lorna told Grant that they would someday be missionaries; he was hesitant to believe her. In the summer of 2001 Grant joined the U.S. Air Force effectively becoming a missionary to the military communities he would be stationed... </p>

Ron Coia

<p>Ron Coia arrived in Okinawa in 2008. As a teacher for the Department of Defense schools, he currently teaches English and government at Kubasaki High School on Camp Foster. Ron and his wife Kristie love serving the local church in a military context, as it is a ripe mission field... </p>

Josh Copeland

<p>Josh was born in 1979 in the great state of Mississippi, and enlisted in the Marine Corps in May 2000.  He served four years and deployed to Iraq before the end of his first enlistment. During that time, he met the love of his life, Ashleigh; they were married in... </p>

Sam Lepley

<p>Sam was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa.  He met his wife Kelly while stationed in Jacksonville, Florida.  They were married in January 2016 and shipped off to Okinawa in June 2016.  God has blessed them with a 1 year old son and a baby daughter expected to come... </p>

Jack Free

<p>Jack and his wife Michele are from Prescott, Arizona where they met in high school and married in 2003. In 2005 Jack joined the Marine Corps. Eventually their journey brought them to Okinawa in June of 2016 and they have been part of the Pillar family since. Executing multiple household... </p>

Jon Simburger

<p>Jon and Melissa moved from a small town in southern Illinois to Okinawa with a desire to make Jesus famous in Japan. Jon has served previously as a youth pastor, deacon, and on short-term missions to India, Albania, Montenegro, Guatemala, Russia, and Uganda. Melissa has served as a worship leader... </p>

Michael Hewitt

<p>Michael has served in multiple capacities during his station in Okinawa. Since the start of the new year Michael has served as Pillar Church of Okinawa’s new elder. Michael and Halley Hewitt actually don’t remember where or when they first met but they knew it happened probably at a coffee... </p>