Work is Good – Genesis 1 & 2

Work has a story. When our own work is detached from God’s story of work, we’re left wondering, what’s the point? Many people agree with Mark Twain when it comes to work. He wrote: “work is a necessary evil to be avoided.” From that perspective, work is this terrible, mundane, life-crushing thing we have to do between birth and death, to be avoided if at all possible. Or, if you’re American, work is something to be retired from as soon as possible! Maybe you agree with Brad Pitt’s character in the movie Fight Club. He says: “we are all working jobs we hate so we can buy stuff we don’t need.”

Sadly, many Christians feel much the same way. We agree with Mark Twain. We agree with Pitt’s character. We think the story of work opens in a dark chapter as a result our rebellion from God, And, that we’ll be set free from work when Jesus returns – to spend an eternity in retirement. That’s a horrible story. Thankfully, the Bible tells a much better story. And as always, the hero of this story is Jesus. As we explore the biblical story of work we’ll learn that:

Chapter 1: Work is good

Chapter 2: Work is cursed (though work is not a curse)

Chapter 3: Work is worship

Chapter 4: Work is missional