Rebels in Need of Rescue – Isaiah 1

Advent is about promises fulfilled, specifically in the first coming of Jesus. But Advent is about more than just fulfilled promises. It is about unfolding promises, being fulfilled in Jesus. When Jesus returns, all of these unfolding promises will find completion in him. And, as Tolkein wrote, in Jesus, “everything sad will come untrue.”

Our Advent series will come from Isaiah’s writing. Isaiah was a Prophet. Sent from God with a message for his rebellious kids. Because of their rebellion, In Isaiah’s day, there were many sad things that needed to come untrue. Isaiah, whose name means “God is salvation” was sent to speak to a people whose hearts had stopped believing that God was indeed their salvation.

This advent we’ll unpack five major themes found in Isaiah:

  1. God’s people are rebels in need of rescue.
  2. God rescues rebels. He sends a king. But this king is a servant.
  3. The rescuing servant-king is faithful. God’s people are faithless. He is faithful.
  4. The rescuing servant-king suffers. He was crushed in place of the rebels he would rescue.
  5. We are rescued rebels – already, but not yet fully. God’s rescuing work will be needed until Christ returns, bringing our rescue to completion.