Mission Refocus – Fall 2017

Mission Refocus is the anti-business, business meeting. It is the business meeting that isn’t. Perhaps, you could call it the un-business, business meeting. Alright, maybe we’re overstating things a bit, but here’s what we’re getting at. Whatever you call it, we’re simply trying to communicate this reality. We are Christ’s church. We’re not a business. We are a family on mission. Throughout our mission refocus gatherings our goal is simple. As Christ’s church we’ll refocus on our identity and mission. Both of which are deeply rooted in Jesus & his gospel. That’s why this gathering opened with worship through music, and concluded with more singing and our weekly participation in communion, though you probably won’t hear those elements on this recording.

During this gathering we discussed new missionary and church-planter partnerships, missional community growth, new missional initiatives and ministry efforts, stewardship of resources, philosophy of staffing, and more.