John 1:1-18 – No Safe Spaces for Sent People

As we gather to worship for the first time in a new building, we’ll work to establish a few guiding principles:

  1. God is a pursuing & sending God. He sent for and pursued us. In turn we are sent. 
  2. There are No safe spaces for sent people: Jesus sends his people – to live on the edges, in the margins, in the darkness, to risk, sacrifice, be rejected, oppressed, persecuted, not to occupy safe spaces – but to launch from sending spaces into risky places. What is promised by and hoped for in a “safe space” can’t be found in a place anyway, or in the absence of conflict – but in the person of Jesus. Our rest is in him.
  3. This new building is not a “safe place” for our church. It is and will be a sending place.