House Rules – 1 Timothy 1:1-7 & 3:14-16

In this series, House Rules, Living in the Household of God, we’ll be working through a letter in the Bible known as 1 Timothy. This letter is addressed to a man named Timothy, a young millenial pastor in a messy & messed up church plant. The author, a man named Paul, had planted this church in the city of Ephesus, a major urban center, something like our modern day cities of NYC or Tokyo. Paul invested nearly 3 years of his life in this city to ensure the church was established & healthy.  Before moving on to serve churches in other cities, Paul appointed young Timothy to take his place. Around six years later, and with growing concern, Paul writes this letter to Timothy – it’s a personal letter, but this young church in Ephesus is the intended audience. Paul is concerned because they have been moving away from gospel – and this movement away from Jesus and his gospel is beginning to show up in big, and unhealthy ways in the life of the church. Paul writes to remind Timothy, and this young church, the purpose for which they exist. He points them right back to Jesus and his gospel, urging them to cultivate a gospel shaped culture, and a gospel motivated missional posture.