Marriage Mentors

Our marriage mentors program exists to equip members of our church family to serve each other well in the varied seasons of marriage. Our aim is to have at least one marriage mentor couple present in each missional community.

Who can become a marriage mentor?

Any member couple within our church family, who is increasingly and gladly submitting to Jesus in all of life, especially as it relates to their marriage, and their specific role within that marriage, as husband or wife.

Steps to become a marriage mentor:

  1. Meet — Meet with our counseling programs administrator, Satomi Shirai: [email protected]
  2. Equip Yourself — Choose and work through any 2 resources from this list (books or multi-media): Resource List
  3. Report Back — Provide a summary of what you learned: Summary Report
  4. Be Recognized — Once you have completed these steps, and been approved by our team of pastors, you will be recognized as “marriage mentors” within our community.